Ethernet (RJ 45) Cabling Configuration Manual

Ethernet crossover cables are most often used in home networks when connecting two ethernet computers without a hub. An Ethernet crossover cable has it’s send and receive wires crossed.  When using a hub or switch, this is automatically done for you.

Unfortunately some devices like cable and dsl modems have their actual ethernet plugs reversed.  This is to allow people to hook up a cable modem to a computer without a special crossover cable.  When adding a hub into the mix, the issue can get confusing.Most modern hubs and switches have what is called an uplink port on them.  This is the same kind of ‘reversed’ port that is on a cable or dsl modem.This may sound like a confusing issue, but here are some network diagrams that will show when to use a normal ethernet cable and when to use a crossover cable.

GREEN cables represent standard ethernet cables

Straight Green modem

BLUE cables represent CROSSOVER cables

 Cross Blue modem connection


DTE to DCE  ====> Straight Cable Ethernet
DCE to DCE / DTE to DTE ====> Crossover Cable Ethernet

A. RJ45 Cable Color

RJ 45 Cable Color



B. Straight Cable Ethernet Configuration

 Straight Cable Configuration

C. Crossover Cable Ethernet Configuration

Cross Ethernet cable

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