VoIP Cisco Gateway Setup Refference- Interconnection E1 PRI ISDN

### Setup  E1 Connection for PRI ISDN###

controller E1 3/0
pri-group timeslots 1-31
description connect to INCMITRA-1 (Incoming)

Note: sometime using framing CRC4 or no-CRC4, make sure “same” setup with other site.

 interface Serial3/0:15
description connect to IncMitra-1 (Incoming)
no ip address
isdn switch-type primary-net5
isdn protocol-emulate network        ( make sure other site be user- or no need this command)
isdn incoming-voice modem
isdn map address .* plan isdn type national
isdn T310 60000
isdn send-alerting
isdn negotiate-bchan
isdn sending-complete
no isdn outgoing display-ie
no fair-queue
no cdp enable

voice-port 3/0:D
translate calling 13   ( option-for digit calling manipulation)
translate called 17    ( option- for digit called manipulation)
cptone ID
description JKT-MITRA-INC   ( at Radius be a trunk-id)
bearer-cap Speech

See more for other topics…


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